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"Las Vegas-based Electronic music star makes his indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Sound of Alchemy (S.O.A.) is a European electronic music artist created by Javier G Alba, a seasoned DJ and music producer with years of experience. S.O.A.'s sound is a distinctive fusion of electronic music, house, and synth-pop, enriched with cinematic, almost movie soundtrack-like elements. Like a true alchemist, S.O.A. melds various musical genres and BPMs to forge a unique and characteristic sound that has become his signature. S.O.A. gained significant popularity during the electronic music movement of late 2021, particularly in Ibiza, Spain, where its innovative sound captivated audiences."

"Sound Of Alchemy is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazin

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